About me

Hi my name is Jenny and I'm the face behind Tausendharz.

I live with my dog Paula in Berlin and am currently working as an e-commerce manager. My dream is to later turn my hobby into a profession and be able to live from my jewelry. 

Nature is where I get inspired and where I find all the beautiful material I make my jewelry with. I started working with resin in 2018 when I saw pictures on Instagram. I definitely found MY thing and I’m glad you all like it.

In the beginning of 2020 I started working with silver. I devoured everything related to goldsmithing, watched videos and tried a lot. I am fascinated by the idea of immortalizing nature in resin and setting it in silver jewelry.

Feel free to contact me when you have questions or feedback.

Regards, Jenny



Über mich Über mich Über mich
Über mich Über mich Über mich