FAQs - Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my Tausendharz resin piece of jewelry?

All handmade jewelry should be handled with care to ensure long life.

Please avoid contact with water and remove the jewelry when swimming, showering, washing hands, washing dishes or doing sports. Also avoid contact with perfume, creams and other chemical substances such as cleaning supplies. These could attack and damage the product. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth for cleaning and then dry the jewelry well again.

It is advisable to rub the jewelry with exposed wood every now and then with a little oil (pure vegetable oil from the kitchen is sufficient). This intensifies the color of the wood and prevents it from drying out.

Yes, all Tausendharz products are handmade by me (a real person) and are not machine-made. Therefore, small deviations in shape, size or color can occur. However, this is the charm of a handmade product and each piece of jewelry is unique in its own way. The overall aesthetics of the product are never affected by these small deviations.

In any case, you will get your very own, unique piece!

Are Tausendharz resin jewelry pieces skin-friendly?

Yes, resin is skin-friendly and harmless when cured. Resin is used in many everyday products. I use non-toxic resin from ArtResin or Craft Resin to make my jewelry.

For jewelry with which metal is processed, I use hypoallergenic stainless steel or sterling silver. The material used can always be found in the product description.

How long is the leather strap or chain from the pendants?

You can find the chain length in the respective product description.

The length of pendants with leather or cotton straps can be individually adjusted from approx. 35-70cm using sliding knots.

Metal chains usually have a length of approx. 45 cm.